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Company Profile

Fountina has been involved in water and waste water treatment since 14 yrs. Fountina is an old distinguished group with utmost professional expertise in water and waste water treatment. We have wide range of customers all over India. Water assets are going under huge weight due to the all round financial development, global Warming, urbanization & unremitting water contamination level globally. Absence of appropriate water treatment and administration frameworks just add to the disastrous impact on the world as a whole. 0wing to the seriousness of the issue, there is an ever increasing demand to come up with better and efficient solutions. Appreciating the different prerequisites of our clients, Fountina has started its invasion with top notch arrangements. Collaborating with driving local and universal players in the field we offer a total bin of ordinary and cutting edge innovation based contributions to address the range of turnkey water treatment arrangements crosswise over various section.



Applications : Pretreatment, Drinking Water, Process, Sewage & Effluent Treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge, Cooling Tower.


Applications : Drinking Water, Process, Sewage & Effluent Treatment, Zero Liquid Discharge etc.


Applications : Process, Cooling tower filtration; Sewage Water treatment


Applications : Process, Cooling tower, Deionization filtration


Applications : Drinking Water, Process, Sewage / Effluent water treatment, Cooling Tower.


Applications : Drinking Water, Process, Sewage/ Effluent water treatment and recycling


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Pressure Sand Filter

These channels utilize profundity filtration system to expel turbidity and moment suspended solid s from feed water.

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Filter Press

Filter presses are highly efficient for removing water from sludge.

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Bar Screen

Bar Screen and screening water treatment is the first process unit operation used at wastewater treatment plants.


Fountina is a water treatment plant company which works all over the India. We create the best, We have the best and we serve the best.

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